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Materialism is the philosophical position that states anything in material or state of matter. The word comes from Greek word "Materia" that means matter. Materialists particularly deny that human self is a spiritual or in any way non-material entity. They interpret beliefs, thoughts, desires, sensations and other mental states as properties of Material system.

According to Oxford Dictionary, "Materialism is the theory or the belief that only material things exist.” Materialism is a tendency to be more interested in material possession, physical comforts etc. than in spiritual values.

Materialism is a philosophical doctrine consists in affirming that the entire universe including life and mind can be explained by matter-in the only self -existent and ultimate reality. And all things and beings mere derived from matter. Prof. Tyndoll says "Matter contains the promise and potency of al forms of existence, even life and mind". Life is a complex physiochemical force and mind is a function of matter.

The main features of Materialism:

01. It is against spiritualism. Materialists believe in only sense perception. They don't believe in soul, God , Next world, Super-realism etc.

02. Soul has no qualitative difference with matter. Soul is complicated in comparison to the matter.

03. Mind is also originated from the matter. According to modern materialists. mind is the epiphenomenon but matter is the original stuff.

04. The materialists think that religion is merely an imaginative conception. They don't think the existence of God, soul and higher values.

05. Morality has been denied in materialism. The ethical conception is fully dependent upon the freedom.

06. Materialism believes in mechanical evolution of the world with life and mind.

07. It denies the existence of any vital force.

08. Materialism believes in the law of conversation energy.

Epicurus, Hobbes and Democritis are the most famous materialists in the world.

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